Heroin Treatment: Models of Heroin Addiction

In the addiction field there are many models from which the treatment community view AOD (alcohol and other drug) problems. This is important, as these are the ways that people think of drug and alcohol abuse (AODA). The perspective of the potential client and that of the family tend to indicate which approach will benefit the person long term. A less categorical approach is currently favored, in which the problem is viewed from many perspectives, and at this time is the trend in AODA treatment.

Below are some of the major categorical classifications of Alcohol and other Drug Abuse perspectives in a developmental context and will familiarize you with some of the mose common and prominent philosophies in AODA. Each section will discuss causal factors, or the theory that states the cause of AODA; suggested courses of treatment, or what is recommended in the intervention of AODA; and treatment specialists, or who specializes in each model.

Moral Model

This is perhaps the longest standing view of AODA, it's suggested course of treatment and sources of it's causal factors. From the viewpoint of the Moral Perspective AOD abuse is seen as an infringement of societal rules by the abuser. Proponents feel it is a punishable crime and the individual is responsible for his or her choices. Many in the religous community take this viewpoint and criticize AOD use as a sinful act and a crime by the laws of society.

  1. Spiritual Defecit
  2. Concious Choice

Suggested Courses of Treatment

  1. Clergy Intervention (Spiritual Guidance)
  2. Moral Persuasion
  3. Imprisonment/Social Consequences

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